We are all standing on the shoulders of giants.

How did we arrive at this point? How did our cities developed and reached such great heights?

We introduce our new feature called Techton; from the Greek word meaning artisan, builder, or woodworker.

Join us as we look both back and present to the builders, thinkers, innovators, men, and women who have helped shape and define our cities of today.

They are the giants who enabled us to reach farther.

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Mary Rose - Citi IO

Mary Rose - Citi IO

A veritable force and a fundamental energy that has helped turn Citi IO a possibility, Mary Rose is a wonder in executing ideas into reality.

A passionate learner with an immense appreciation for tradition, she is Citi IO's voice of tranquil temper in the flurry of day-to-day progress making.

When not serving as a core member of Citi IO, she can normally be found crafting code for smart city mobile applications and digging gems at used book stores.