Everyday, we pass with nothing more than passing note, mundane objects and human genius whose history and significance is anything but trivial.

Much has been said about how the tapestry of history is woven by victors. Associatively then, if such was the case, this fabric is as fickle, changeable, contradicting, confusing, and controversial as it is rich, exciting, and intriguing; just like the people it drew inspiration from.

As Citi IO aims to chronicle amazing aspirations and achievements of cities and citizens, it will often peer into countervailing views and viewpoints from past, present, and future. It will seek to understand facts, hidden meanings, and the intent of the handiwork of trickeries that have become commonplace wisdom.

What we see is not necessarily what you get, nor how we should understand it.

More than a maven of knowledge about cities, technology, and people, Citi IO is a voyage and adventure.

Join us in our journey of discovery.

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Dean Marc - Citi IO

Dean Marc - Citi IO

Part of the more nomadic tribe of humanity, Dean believes a boat anchored ashore, while safe, is a tragedy, as this denies the boat its purpose.

When not serving in citi.io, Dean normally works as a strategist, advisor, operator, mentor, coder, and janitor for several technology companies, open-source communities, and startups.

Otherwise, he's on a hunt for some good bean or leaf to enjoy a good read on some newly (re)discovered city or walking some roads less taken.