For decades Guadalajara has been tabbed as Mexico’s most representative metropolis, even more than the country’s capital, Mexico City. Two Mexican symbols of identity are localized in Jalisco, the state in which Guadalajara is the capital: we are talking about mariachi and tequila.

Tourists from all over the world come to Guadalajara and are eager to make the hour drive to Tequila, the town where most of the distilleries have their headquarters. Sure, it’s a great experience, but so many other things are going on in the “Perla Tapatia” (The Pearl of the West) that we just can’t let them slip through the cracks.

The city has been host to many top tier national events for many years now, and one of them stands out in the technology sector. With the hashtag #FeelTheFuture the 8th edition of Campus Party Mexico was a total success, this tech fair is aimed at a very young and pizza eating audience and it only gets bigger and better every year. Apple founder Steve Wozniak was the main guest in this year’s event.

Another high profile event that just took plays a couple of months ago was the Mexican football league championship game. The city’s favorite team, Guadalajara, hosted and defeated Monterrey powerhouse Tigres in dramatic fashion and the whole town took to the streets to celebrate.

But the game on its own is not what stands out, the stadium that the red and white team calls home is one of the most modern sports facilities in the world. Praised by national and foreign visitors, Chivas Stadium is definitely a site to see if you are in town.

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Guadalajara is also a town where you can find many spectacular casinos, the gambling craze has taken the city by storm and the results are breathtaking. You can learn more here if you would like to have a bit of practice before going.

But the one stealing the show is the city’s new metro line, it will cross the city in a diagonal route, it will be subterranean in the downtown stations to preserve the traditional landscape intact. The end result is going to change the city’s mobility for good, as many workers will be able to leave their cars at home and use clean and efficient public transportation. And that means less cars in the street, less traffic, and less contamination. It’s a win-win situation.

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So there you have it, Guadalajara is a city on the rise, in constant change and with a firm direction towards modernization, but without neglecting its traditions that make the town one of Mexico’s most popular destinations.


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