22 May 2018

How AI Could Increase The Risk Of Nuclear War

Could artificial intelligence upend concepts of nuclear deterrence that have helped spare the world from

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21 May 2018

One-Third Of The World’s Nature Reserves Are Under Threat From Humans

In the 146 years since Yellowstone National Park in the northwestern United States became the world’s

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19 May 2018

Could Cryptocurrency Provide An Elegant Solution For In-Game Trading?

The controversy surrounding CS:GO skins gambling that hit the headlines last year put the whole

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17 May 2018

This “Duck Curve” Is Solar Energy’s Greatest Challenge

Electricity is very difficult to store. But most consumers use it in a very predictable

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16 May 2018

How To Explore the World by Living the Van-Life

Travelling by day, sleeping who knows where by night, no rent, no fixed location. Total

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14 May 2018

How To Make The Most Of Your Year Traveling

A year out to travel is no longer just the preserve of young people in

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09 May 2018

From Drone Swarms To Tree Batteries, New Tech Is Revolutionising Ecology & Conservation

Understanding Earth’s species and ecosystems is a monumentally challenging scientific pursuit. But with the planet

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30 Apr 2018

5 Ways To Improve Air Quality In Your Home

We all like to breathe in fresh air. Whether it’s a stiff ocean breeze or

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26 Apr 2018

The Diet That Helps Fight Climate Change

You don’t have to go vegan to fight climate change. Research shows that small changes

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25 Apr 2018

The Rise And Fall Of The Assyrian Empire

Before the sun never set on the British Empire; before Genghis Khan swept the steppe;

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12 Apr 2018

Humans May Have Transformed The Sahara From Lush Paradise To Barren Desert

Once upon a time, the Sahara was green. There were vast lakes. Hippos and giraffe

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07 Apr 2018

How To Solve Problems Like A Designer

These four design strategies can help us start to tackle complex, real-world problems: 1. Observation

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06 Apr 2018

13 Reasons Why Queenstown Is The Coolest Town In New Zealand

With so many incredible places to explore across the globe, I don’t often return to

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05 Apr 2018

The Case Against Time Zones

Time zones were a good idea when they were invented in the 19th century —

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03 Apr 2018

Queenstown, New Zealand : Find Reward In The Little Things

Sometimes it’s the little things that count. Here are some of the best for free

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28 Mar 2018

How Illuminated Manuscripts Were Created During The Middle Ages

In an increasingly paperless world, it’s easy to forget books were once precious objects that

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15 Feb 2018

8 Chinese New Year Traditions To Get Right

Chinese New Year is just around the corner but what do the customs and food

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30 Dec 2017

How A Mathematician Dissects A Coincidence

Whenever a seeming twist of fate happens, we muse “what are the odds?” This mathematician

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29 Dec 2017

A Bizarre & Hilarious History Of The Whole World

You have been in development for literally billions of years. Thankfully, you don’t have to

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01 Dec 2016

Essential Gear For The Urban Dweller: The Accessories

We previously covered some good options for bags in the first part of this series,

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22 Apr 2016

10 Habits To Start On Earth Day Instead Of Just Celebrating Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! As we celebrate Earth Day today there are different activities all over

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