25 Jan 2019

The Case For Open Borders

Is a world without borders an idea so crazy it just might work? Scholars weigh

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08 Nov 2018

Why Global Talent Clusters Around Cities

For now, U.S. cities lead in attracting global talent, but cities across the world are

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27 Oct 2018

Why Are U.S. Borders Straight Lines?

More than a century before the U.S. Civil War, between 1735 and 1737, Maryland and

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14 Sep 2018

Why The Actions Of Cities — Not Nations — Will Be The Key To Our Survival On Earth

While some world leaders resist global cooperation, city leaders are working across borders to tackle

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02 Jul 2018

Sanctuary Cities Are As Old As The Bible

Sanctuary cities like New York and Los Angeles protect undocumented migrants from deportation. The concept

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21 Jun 2018

Trump’s Separation Of Families At The Border : A Visual Explainer

Each day, dozens of immigrant families come to the US-Mexico border seeking asylum — and

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05 Apr 2018

How Sanctuary Cities Actually Work

President Trump says he wants to strip funding from so-called “sanctuary cities,” but what exactly

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12 Mar 2018

In Defense Of The Small City

Everyone, including the president, thinks struggling Americans should just move to places like New York.

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23 Feb 2018

To Stop Migration, Stop The Abuse Of Africa’s Resources

Europe should tackle migration not by deploying troops, but by curbing economic abuse and destablisation.

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15 Aug 2017

Cities Like Amsterdam And Dublin Inspired By Its Inclusive Universities

Take a walk around any city, and you will probably spot the signs of other

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24 Jan 2017

The 5 Kinds Of Cities We’ll See In The Populist Era

Will your city go into triage mode, double down on progressive policies, or flex its

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04 Jan 2017

Trump’s Warpath On The Rest Of America Faces Failure

The federal funds under threat could amount to more than 20 percent of a city

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29 Feb 2016

Understanding Europe’s Population Shift In 4 Maps

Despite economic growth in Central and Eastern Europe, the continent is still migrating to the

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06 Nov 2015

Migrants Are The Key Source Of Vitality For Cities, Plan Well

The world’s population is becoming increasingly urban. Sometime in 2007 is usually reckoned to be

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21 Apr 2015

200 Years Of U.S. Immigration, In 1 Colorful Infographic

A new data visualisation captures the waves of arrival. In 1819, Congress passed a law

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