06 Aug 2018

7.5 Billion & Counting: How Many Humans Can The Earth Support?

Humans are the most populous large mammal on Earth today, and probably in all of

26 Jun 2018

How To Build A City That Doesn’t Flood? Turn It Into A Sponge

Urban floods make the news with alarming regularity. Just in the past few months, Hurricane Harvey

09 May 2018

How Cape Town Was Saved From Running Out Of Water

Late last year, as the South African government faced the prospect of its largest city

12 Feb 2018

11 Cities Most Likely To Run Out Of Drinking Water – Like Cape Town

Cape Town is in the unenviable situation of being the first major city in the

12 Jul 2017

An Ancient Hydraulic System, Envy Of Modern Ones?

The Shushtar Hydraulic System in the island city of Shushtar is a complex irrigation system

28 Apr 2017

The Coolest Way To Get Your Mail In A Digital World

Remember the last time you were diving underwater and you suddenly remembered an important letter

31 May 2016

The 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls Of The World

Waterfalls are a gift of God to earth, making the land spectacular and enchantingly beautiful.

25 May 2016

When You Get Tired Of Building Buildings, Build Mountains

With just a few inches of rainfall a year, the country is taking matters into

03 May 2016

Can Australia’s Climate Change Mission Be Saved With Farming?

Australia’s agricultural lands help to feed about 60 million people worldwide, and also support tens of

22 Feb 2016

Cities Must Help Produce More Food

If the world is going to feed its growing and increasingly urban population in the

11 Jan 2016

How To Clean Oceans, Literally : Turn Impossible To Possible

Scooping up all the plastic waste in the world’s oceans would be a massive undertaking

05 Jan 2016

It Is Obvious! Climate Change Needs Broadest Collaboration

To achieve the kind of environmentally sustainable future we will want our grandchildren to inherit,

03 Dec 2015

How To Be Sustainable Like An Aussie

“A sustainable Australia is possible – but we have to choose it.” That’s the finding

24 Nov 2015

How Can Climate Talks In Paris Impact The Rest Of Us

Drought has been deadly for indigenous people in Colombia’s desert peninsula, underscoring a global crisis:

04 Sep 2015

Why Doesn’t New Orleans Look More Like Amsterdam?

Meet David Waggonner: the urban and environmental architect who wants New Orleans to come to

26 Aug 2015

Stay Cool Or Warm With The Best Hotel Pools In The World

In case you hadn’t noticed, hotel pools have moved up a notch from the kinds

20 Aug 2015

How To Reduce Your Water Footprint

The average American lifestyle requires about 2,000 gallons of water every day. Fresh water consumption

18 Aug 2015

How To Conserve Water Without Bankrupting Water Utilities

The more water people save, the more money utilities lose. But new pricing models could

17 Jul 2015

Why We Are Losing Time In Saving The Oceans From Climate Change

Until recently, you might be forgiven for thinking that the oceans were a trivial component

14 Jul 2015

How To Create A Sustainable Community With Public Works

Communities both big and small are having a sustainable makeover in order to reduce energy

13 Jul 2015

A New Urban Marketplace To Address The Needs Of Our Time

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. With all the need that exists

07 Jul 2015

A Deeper Dive Into The Great Barrier Reef Issues

Federal environment minister Greg Hunt has announced the make-up of the Independent Expert Panel of

07 Jul 2015

Enjoy The Fun Of Wild Swimming In The City

With David Walliams leading the way and plans for a floating lido on the Thames,

30 Jun 2015

Nature Doesn’t Need People, People Need Nature

Mother Nature Speaks and Millions are Listening. Since 1987, Conservation International has been working to

05 Jun 2015

Blue, The New Black: What Is Driving Water Risk

The 2015 World Economic Forum in Davos identified water crises – flood, drought, and pollution

30 Apr 2015

Lima’s Ancient Pipes Are Saving It From Drought

The ancient pre-Inca civilisation of the Wari is a marvel to archaeologists because it grew

23 Apr 2015

NYC Underrated Basic Human Right, Public Drinking Water

Water as a liquid has no shape. It acquires definition from its surroundings, providing boundaries

21 Apr 2015

São Paulo’s Water Crisis : Residents Struggle As Water Taps Run Dry

In São Paulo, drinking water is used to flush toilets, bathe and, until very recently,

13 Mar 2015

Water Must Drive City Planning

Six of the ten largest US cities are located in the arid southwest region. Would

12 Mar 2015

A Top-down Approach To Flood Prevention

Gravity offers a simple and cheap way to attenuate stormwater flows – by storing water

11 Mar 2015

The Most Water-Stressed Cities In The World

One out of every four cities in the world experiences “water stress,” a phenomenon that

27 Feb 2015

Portland’s Hyrdropower: Energy From Drinking Water

Turn on the tap and you’re getting water and energy for the price of one.

04 Feb 2015

Mapping The Water Sources For 530 Cities Worldwide

Want to avoid a dangerous drought? There are measures, like reforestation, that could help. The

31 Jan 2015

Dutch Scientist Develops New Way to Turn Sludge into Drinking Water

The thought of recycling gray or even black water into drinking water is enough to